Wasi ud Din Aakash

Wasi ud Din Aakash is a veteran Chitrali journalist, currently associated with Qashqar TV. He has been president of Media Students during his college years. He has also represented the University of Chitral in many events and won many laurels for his University. After emerging as one of the best news anchors of the region, Mr. Aakash, also hosted the current affairs program “Aabshar” at Radio Pakistan. Mr. Aakash conferred honor to become the voice of helpless and needy people during the flood and other man-made disasters. Being a professional and patriotic journalist, Mr. Wasi ud Din Aakash believes in integrity, professionalism, and humanistic values. Mr. Aakash always proved himself as a zealous and vocal voice of the youth bulge of the District.

Currently, he is the host of Qashqar TV Program “Bolta Chitral”